You know, it’s hard to tell sometimes whether the universe is trying to reward you for declaring what you want out of life or call you out on your big talk.

Since deciding that I wanted to go in on being a game master of tabletop RPGs, I’ve:

  • Started a fortnightly (schedules permitting) game of Star Wars: Force and Destiny.
  • Had about three different potential groups of folks express interest in Deathwatch, one of which I was going to be a player in.
  • Met a friend who told me that the game she wanted to GM most was Dogs in the VineyardAnd yes, I’d love to play that one!
  • Joined an online community, some members of which are planning an online Dungeons & Dragons game. I’ve already come up with two ideas for a rogue.

Where do I find time for all these? If I can’t, which do I leave aside?