Projects for February

I had this long-winded post planned about the stuff I could be working on and juggling my priorities, but you know what? I think it’s time I followed the advice of Uncle Keven, the Hollywood Career Coach: “Less think, more do!”

So what’ve I got lined up for February?


Firstly, I’ve decided that by the end of February, I’m going to have an Honest-to-God Product ready to go. It might be a free product, but it will still be a product nonetheless. In the vein of my Deathwatch system guides (sort of), I want to take my checklists and notes for recording and editing podcast episodes and turn them into a Guide for New Podcasters. I can think of at least two people for whom it would come in handy!

It’s also time I got off my arse and met a commitment I made to a mate a couple of weeks ago: Do a write-up of my Friendly Local Game Store, The Wicked Goblin, for said mate’s tabletop gaming e-zine.

On top of that, what with all the rain lately, I want to get our vege beds back

The Paid to Play Podcast

That’s right, folks; the show is coming back in February! The first three episodes of this season have been recorded and I’m hoping to have seven more done in the next few weeks before I concentrate on editing and publishing for a bit.


Well, declare that you’re a game master and opportunities start coming out of the woodwork! Session 4 of my Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game session is on Saturday, February 18th. I’ve still got some possibilities for GMing a Deathwatch game but had to pass up the opportunity to play in one due to scheduling conflicts. I also may be playing in a voice-based D&D game on a forum, and a chat with a local mate revealed that she’d love to game master Dogs in the Vineyard sometime – and I’m equally keen to play!

To leave you all with something special, here’s the result of a whim last night:

Featured image by Jade