The DM Of The Rings

Here’s another linky by way of The Gavmeister (yes, I know, “Gavmeister” means “master of Gav”, and he is Gav, but my old school motto was “vincit qui se vincit” which translates to “he conquers who conquers himself”, so it’s my way of saying don’t mess with Gavin or he’ll, you know, go all conquest on yo’ ass).

Anyway, it’s a sorta-webcomic, using screengrabs from the Lord of the Rings films as individual frames. It’s also a wonderful satire of the type of social interactions that arise whenever a group of geeks sit down around a table and play Dungeons & Dragons. It starts here, but frankly, episode number thirty-seven (and it’s just caught up with the end of the first film) is the best summary of why many find the Grandfather of Roleplaying Games pretty damned frustrating.