As a game master, I perform many characters across multiple game sessions, adopting voices so that each character is distinct and memorable for my players. I’ve applied my talent to narrating fiction and prose, performing characters for short stories and voicing commercials and automatic telephone answering systems.


Skein and Story: Arrows In Flight – “Of Knitting And Nocking” (In-Character Narration)

The Tritone Gambit – Lost Episodes (Narration)

Character Voices



Rob has a deep, smooth voice that is easy to listen to. He speaks clearly, usually with enthusiastic intonations and a speed that is just right to maintain a sense of energy and anticipation for the listener.

Listening to Rob talk is like taking a flowing adventure down the Amazon. The motorboat engine tone purrs along and describes all the wonderful scenes in detail as they pass. It’s a smooth ride and as a passenger I don’t ever worry we are going to get lost or snagged on any hidden roots. I just love listening and going along for the ride and adventure!

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