The Truths of the Forge, pt. 2

After going through the first seven steps of the Truths Workbook for Ironsworn: Starforged, it’s time to see how I went with the final seven and how they’re shaping my proto-character for solo play.

8. Communications and Data

With a 44, I got, “Information is life. We rely on spaceborne couriers to transport messages and data across the vast distances between settlements.” While I like the idea of a communicating society in the Forge, I feel more that the lack of communication is the very thing my character is helping overcome. I chose instead, “Much was lost when we came to the Forge. It is a dark age.” As I see my character gaining access to data that others don’t want him to, I chose the INFILTRATOR asset.

9. Medicine

A 48 gave me, “To help offset a scarcity of medical supplies and knowledge, the resourceful technicians we call riggers create basic organ and limb replacements.” Again, this felt a little too hopeful at the outset, so I chose, “Our advanced medical technologies and expertise was lost during the Exodus.” I picked the HEALER asset out for this one.

10. Artificial Intelligence

An 11 gave me, “We no longer have access to advanced computer systems. Instead, we must rely on the seers we call Adepts.” It’s got a Dune feel to it (Adepts = Mentats), but I’m a little anti all the anti-AI sentiment (except when it come to AI art, but it’s not the AI’s fault that humans feed it works without permission of the creators) so instead I chose, “The vestiges of advanced machine intelligence are coveted and wielded by those in power.” Again, I like this idea of rediscovery and sharing of information, and while having sentient machines common as indicated by the third option in this category is up my alley, I think there’s more meat to the middle choice. I did take a UTILITY BOT asset, though.

11. Wars

65 on the dice gave me the option I likely would have gone for anyway: “Professional soldiers defend or expand the holdings of those who are able to pay. The rest of us are on our own.” I like the idea that, at the moment at least, space is too big for proper interstellar wars to be ought; also, the Covenant between the Clans established previously, make any conflict more along the lines of border skirmishes and proxy wars.

Of the assets on offer, the idea of my character, who seems a naif so far, being a GUNSLINGER tickled me, so I grabbed that.

12. Lifeforms

27 gave me the option I wanted, “This is a perilous and often inhospitable galaxy, but life finds a way.” It’s less grim than the other two options; I like the idea that the difficulties in the Forge are more of our making than caused by infectious hostile organisms or inscrutable ancient lifeforms.

I didn’t select any of the offered assets.

13. Precursors.

4 gave me the option I wanted, “Over eons, a vast number of civilizations rose and fell within the Forge. Today, the folk we call grubs—scavenger crews and audacious explorers—delve into the mysterious monuments and ruins of those ancient beings.” The other two options either messed with reality more than I was comfortable with or introduced biomechanical lifeforms fighting ancient wars, which was a bit too depressing. The LORE HUNTER asset was a no-brainer.

14. Horrors.

I was tempted to go with, “Put enough alcohol in a spacer, and they’ll tell you stories of ghost ships crewed by vengeful undead. It’s nonsense.” But the dice came up 58, which gave, “Most insist that horrors aren’t real. Spacers know the truth.” The further description of strange things happening in the vicinity of white dwarf stars was compelling. Nether SLAYER nor HAUNTED grabbed me as an asset, though.

Enough abut the Forge – let’s let the book tell me about my character!

Next post will take us at least part of the way through the “Create Your Character” section of Ironsworn: Starforged. Let’s see who this idealistic collection of assets actually is at the start of his adventure…

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