Flavours of Adventure

Just how many flavours of adventure can I help a small group of people go on? What sort of alter egos can I help them adopt?

Being a little bit stuck for content this week, I thought I’d revisit a post I’ve had sitting around in my drafts folder for a little while. Really, it’s a chance to gush about my own shelf-ful of tabletop roleplaying game product, but why not?

High fantasy tomb raiding!

  • Dungeons & Dragons (5th. Edition Starter Set, Basic Rules and Player’s Handbook) – still the game with the best, most self-explanatory and evocative name in the business!
  • Dungeon World
  • Pathfinder (First AND Second Editions!)
  • Donjon
  • The Shadow of Yesterday

Whether you’re a human, elf, dwarf, orc or hobbit, you can become a scruffy adventurer exploring uncharted lands and slaying monsters for fun and profit!

Strange, New Worlds!

  • Star Trek Adventures – the RPG based on the shows and movies all about exploring strange new worlds! Become the core crew of a Starfleet vessel going boldly where no one has gone before!
  • Starfinder – Whether you’re a human, elf, dwarf, android or insect-person, you can become a scruffy adventurer abroad a starship exploring new worlds for fun and profit!
  • Star Wars: Force and Destiny – Explore the ways of the Force whilst on the run from the Galactic Empire – and your own dark side!
  • Deathwatch – Become a super soldier in powered armour, defending humanity from the insidious forces of a dark and distant future!
  • Wrath & Glory – Become a super soldier in powered armour or a whole variety of races and options (including space elf and space orc), defending humanity (or even more than just humanity) from the insidious forces of a dark and distant future!


  • Deathwatch – Badassery doesn’t get more hardcore than the Space Marines of Warhammer 40,000!
  • Wrath & Glory – While you might not be able to outdo Space Marines for badassery, there are several alternatives just as good (including space elf and space orc)! Just ask them.
  • Shadowrun 1st. Edition – Whether you’re a human, elf, dwarf, orc or troll, you’re still a criminal, doing the dirty jobs that the corporations of a dark, magical, near future will deny paying you to do!
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Yeah, the Force is great, but have you ever outwitted a Hutt who has a price on your head, made a sweet deal on a cargo hold-ful of spice and outrun an Imperial Star Destroyer in your battered YT-1300 freighter?

Action Science!

  • Atomic Robo: The Roleplaying Game – Uproot sinister conspiracies a world not quite our own, where hypotheses need good, solid, two-fisted testing!
  • InSpectres – Bust ghosts, vampires, werewolves and even Loch Ness Monsters for fun and profit!
  • Star Trek Adventures – speaking of two-fisted hypothesis testing, why not follow in the footsteps of action scientists like Captain Kirk, Captain Picard or Captain Janeway? You even get your own starship!


  • InSpectres – Will the money you earn from busting ghosts cover your company’s expenses and the medical bills?
  • FreeMarket – The future is what you make it on board a space station where no one dies, everything is free and you earn by making and giving! What can your crew of creatives bring to this new world?
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Okay, so you had to ditch the spice when the Imperial Star Destroyer caught up to you. But hey, there’s this Wookiee with another sweet deal and – oh blast. Bounty hunter!

Solving Mysteries!

  • Tales From The Loop – Can you and your teenage friends work out what’s going on in your 1980s home town – that is the site of a massive, underground particle accelerator that seems to attract weirdness?
  • InSpectres – Just what is it that goes bump in the night?
  • Dogs in the Vineyard – What will you do to hold a frontier town together as the elements close in and people’s demons push them toward terrible things?

Pure Zaniness!

  • octaNe: Premium uNleaded – Roam the apocalypse wasteland in a talking Cadillac with your best friends, the Mexican wrestler, the Punk Rock Zombie and the Talking Capuchin Monkey!
  • Atomic Robo: The Roleplaying Game – Time-travelling dinosaurs? The ghost of Thomas Edison? A nuclear powered robot (built in the 1920s by Nikola Tesla) who is the modern world’s foremost adventurer? It doesn’t get much more out there than Atomic Robo!

Televisual Drama!

  • Primetime Adventures – Whether your show is in the past, the present, the future or an unknown realm, you can guarantee it’ll be all about the problems of its core cast, complete with character arcs and three-act structure!

And maybe, in a month or so –


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