Character Creation and Play Summary for Atomic Robo: The Roleplaying Game!

Here are two PDF files to make YOUR experience playing and runningĀ Atomic Robo: The Roleplaying Game smoother and (if such is even possible) more fun!

Atomic Robo Basic Rule Summary

Atomic Robo Player Characters Ready In Ten Minutes

I’ve been GMing some Atomic Robo lately for both a regular group and some one-shot pickup groups. While its implementation of the FATE rule set is fantastic and it largely makes good on its claim to have playable characters ready in ten minutes, I’m yet to find a decent one or two page summary on how the rules (even for conflict/combat) work. So, I put one together.

Further, while you can certainly have a basic Atomic Robo character ready to go in ten, I’ve found it’s also handy to have a summary of how the players can take their characters from basic build (concept aspects, modes, stress boxes, reinforced skills) to full character (skill advances, mode/omega aspects, stunts) during play.

I’d still like to put a quick summary of faction creation so one-shot players could potentially slap a Tesladyne Industries together if they felt like it.

Atomic Robo logo sourced from 8bitheater wikia.