ANNOUNCEMENT: Only In Death – RPG Actual Play Podcast

It’s my pleasure to officially unveil what I’ve been working on for the past couple of months; a podcast project that I reckon will give hours of entertainment to folks who like audio dramas, science fiction, roleplaying games and/or Warhammer 40,000, not to mention folks who just like to hang out with folks having a good time!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you to check out the official website AND Patreon page of:

Only In Death: The Secret Mission Logs of Kill-team Attromitos (Deathwatch RPG actual play podcast)

It is the eight hundred and seventeenth year of the Forty-First Millennium. The Jericho Reach is a long-lost sector of space that the Imperium of Humanity fights to reclaim from vile heresy.

But the Emperor’s armies must confront more than the dark powers of Chaos that seek to turn reality itself into a living hell. The bold alien race called the Tau desire to bring the worlds of the Reach into the fold of their Greater Good and the ravening Tyranids swarm from planet to planet, consuming all life and leaving only barren rock behind.

Against but one of these forces, the Imperium’s Achillus Crusade would be hard-pressed; against all three, the Crusade has been driven inexorably back toward the ancient and indestructible Warp Gate that must not fall into the hands of the alien – lest the Tau or, worse still, the Tyranids gain a shortcut from our galaxy’s very edge to the heart of the Imperium.

The Deathwatch Core Rulebook. Published by Ulisses North America.

One force may yet turn the tide in the Jericho Reach: The Deathwatch. Drawn from the finest alien hunters of the Emperor’s mighty Space Marines, bound by oaths of comradeship and secrecy and guided by the agents of the Inquisition, the Kill-teams of the Deathwatch strike at the enemy’s weakest places wherever they may be found.

These are the logs of Kill-team Atromitos, an elite squad of Space Marines who must learn to work together in the face of impossible odds – for only in death does duty end.

In each episode, I serve as the game master for four friends old and new:

  • Scott Doucet, new player of RPGs, professional podcast editor and host of Podcast Bay,
  • Sim Lauren, veteran gamer and newcomer to the online streaming space as a miniature figure painter,
  • Ketch (Ian Sinclair), veteran gamer and game master of the Dark Heresy 2nd. Edition roleplaying game,
  • Rebel Wulf, veteran gamer, host of the Fort Wynn blog and developer of an upcoming set of roleplaying game rules tentatively titled Alien Hunter X.

They get to bring the swagger that only heavily armed and armoured, genetically enhanced warrior monks can while I throw ravening aliens and other complications at them. We’ve recorded several episodes so far and have had a ball doing so! The eight episodes recorded in 2017 are already public and I’m planning a launch of the new season in late March / early April!

Here’s one early listener’s thoughts:

I was recently invited to listen to a live recording of an RPG Play Session called Deathwatch, and it was awesome. It takes place in a more futuristic setting, and between the Game Master’s detailed descriptions, coupled with his raw enthusiasm, I was quickly pulled right into their world.

I’ve always been a Live Stream Watcher, never really delving into Podcasts, but I’d always wondered about them as they seem to draw a large audience. Now I understand why. The Players were not only extremely knowledgeable about Gameplay & Roleplay in general, their commitment to their characters was palpable. And the humor, and camaraderie between not only the Players, but the Characters, was inspiring.

The overall feeling after the Podcast was I’d been witness to some true professionals at work, taking Roleplaying to a higher level, and infecting me with the desire for more.

James Mahoney (Dorogan Kishu)

Our aim is to put one new episode out a week, splitting a fortnightly game session in half. Through the crowdfunding page for the podcast up on Patreon, I hope to earn enough backing to cover hosting costs, development of the podcast and making Only In Death part of a paid play portfolio that sustains me ona full-time basis.

To say I’m excited to be making Only in Death public is an understatement. I might already have a podcast called Paid to Play, but this really feels like my first solid step toward getting paid to play since I started that show.

So, folks, please listen, enjoy, tell your friends and chuck us a buck or two a month on Patreon!