Stepping Away From Tropicon

This is the closest I’ve written to a press release in a little while. The reason for it is to let you know that on Sunday night, I ended my official involvement with the event committees and teams for Tropicon and its upcoming sister convention, Townsville Comic Con.

In itself, this wouldn’t warrant a public announcement; however, as the master of ceremonies for Tropicon, host of the cosplay and Paid to Play Live panels at that event and voice talent for Tropicon’s radio advertising on CairnsFM 89.1, I think it’s fair to say that in the eyes of the public I’m closely associated with the Tropicon brand.

My reasons for stepping away from direct involvement with the conventions are my own, have been communicated with committee management and will otherwise remain private. To head any concerns off, I will decalre that I’m not moving away from Cairns, nor am I shutting other projects (including, but not limited to, The Paid to Play Podcast) down.

My personal experiences with the management of the Tropicon and Townsville Comic Con teams have been extremely positive. Committee head Charlie Kennell has been very generous within our operating relationship as part of the con and both he and his wife Jasmine have extended that generosity to myself and my wife Vickie outside the convention sphere. My communications with them have almost always been civil at the minimum; the few exceptions were minor. No one, least of all me, is perfect.

I wish the committees, staff and volunteer teams of Tropicon and Townsville Comic Con all success for 2016 and onward. Should schedules and personal budget coincide, I hope to attend either or both conventions as a regular ticket-holder; notwithstanding, I’ll continue to cheer on the getting together of people to let their geek flags fly from the sidelines.

Thank you again for having me on as part of the inaugural Tropicon and giving this geek one of the best birthday parties any geek could ask for!

Rob Farquhar

Featured image by Captured by Catherine.