Thing-A-Week 02: No Friends in the Arena

But now, something was wrong; a nagging unease as Seal stepped out of their way and she and Daniel walked toward the the tunnels that would take them separately into the battle arena. Something was bothering her. Not about her performance, or the rehearsals, or even Daniel – she ahd the sudden sense that there was something she needed to do, something she’d forgotten or neglected.

She hadn’t had this trouble at the blind audition, yet at the mouth of the tunnel, she stood sweating, hands twitching. Lights blazed at the other end, beams of spots probing across the tunnel’s far mouth like the fingers of some great beast feeling for her.

Here’s the product of a week’s worth of writing, rewriting and editing: a short story entitled, “No Friends in the Arena.”

Please read, then let me know what you think, whether by comment, Facebook post or tweet – and if you like, please send your friends!

Image sourced from MorgueFile.