Business Web Integrations Podcast Episode 1: Getting Started

And as if one podcast this week weren’t enough, I bring you (a few days overdue) notice that the podcasting endeavour I mentioned a few weeks ago is underway, and that Episode 1 of the Business Web Integrations Podcast is now available on the web and via iTunes!

The podcast is a joint venture of Marcus Herstik, the subject of my very first podcast interview, and I. Our intent is to get Marcus’ business website some more traffic by way of a new podcast every week.

The Business Web Integrations logo.

Marcus’ company, Business Web Integrations, specialises in Internet solutions for small to medium-sized service businesses, and our podcast aims to help you harness the Internet to boost your business.

In our first episode, we answer that all-important question: Where should you start when looking at getting your business on the Web?

We’ve already recorded our next episode; I just need to squeeze editing in this weekend between yardwork and a session of Deathwatch!