The excitement of a movie night
The challenge of a laser tag match
The thrill of an outdoor activity
The strategy of a company simulation
All from your own office or Zoom meeting – and your team get to make their own story!

Forge your team’s bonds
in adventure!

It’s getting tougher to bring your teams together. While the convenience of technology allowing staff to work remotely or from home has allowed companies to weather the changes wrought by COVID-19, the camaraderie born form working directly together in one place is harder to maintain.

Even larger organisations aren’t immune – when your staff are split across multiple departments and even offices, an us-versus-them mentality can be hard to avoid.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games have been bringing people together to tell stories
and co-operate in the exploring of ancient tombs, the vanquishing of dire villains and the earning of rich rewards since Dungeons & Dragons was released in 1974.

They’re a powerful team building tool, allowing people to connect through imagination, communication and co-operation.

You don’t need to charter a bus to the outback, buy wood and barrels for a raft or hire some paintball guns.

All you need is a few hours, a virtual or physical venue
and your team’s imaginations.

In a roleplaying game session, each of your team members will take on a powerful alter ego and face the challenge of an adventure in a fantastic place –

  • A mythic realm of swords, spells and fantastic beasts
  • A distant planet in a galaxy far, far away
  • A town in the Eighties where a government lab conducts strange experiments
  • A starship boldly going where no one has gone before
  • And many more!

They’ll meet interesting characters, go on quests, complete missions and earn rewards.

They’ll analyse the capabilities of their own and each other’s alter egos to identify how they can best aid each other to succeed.

They’ll cast spells, swing swords, shoot phasers, tell bad jokes, face villains down and make heroic stands.

They’ll accept the risk of failure to achieve success by rolling the dice.

They’ll create moments of story
that they’ll be bonding over for years.

Where do I come in?

It’s my job to bring your team the challenge, help them understand the rules, play the supporting cast and villains and ensure everyone has a chance to shine.

I’m Rob Farquhar, and I’m a veteran game master.

GM Radio Rob as game master of a session of the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game.
Rob game mastering a session of the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game.

I’ve loved the RPG hobby since I discovered it through Dungeons & Dragons in the early nineties. I enjoy helping old friends and new acquaintances engage their imaginations and create experiences even TV shows and movies can never quite replicate – because my players are creating their own story together as they go.

In every session, I combine the skills and talents of a master of ceremonies, referee, author and actor to ensure my players not only have a great time using their imaginations to go on an adventure, but also use the rules of the game to strategise, cop-operate and maximise their odds of success.

Rob ran a 2 hour session for my team. Although we’ve always worked remotely, we never really spent a lot of time on the same call, and we’re almost always focused on work / the task at hand.

The session with Rob was refreshing. It was nice to see the guys laughing, joking and having fun together. While vastly different from what we’re used to, we still had to work as a team, communicate well, and even try to think outside of the box to either outsmart or persuade the others.

The following week was great. Productivity increased and stress decreased. The team were more willing to communicate with each other without having to use me as a middle man, and as a result we worked in a much more cohesive and efficient manner. We’ve also been a lot friendlier and generally happier at work.

We will definitely be booking Rob again to finish out the session, and to see what else he has in store.

Scott Doucet, Podcast Bay Productions

Are you ready to bring your team together in adventure?

I offer face to face sessions in the Cairns area and online sessions over Zoom or the online communication platform of your choice.

Please get in touch to discuss creating a tailored session
for your team!