The True Price

And here’s the last strip of the current Slamdance series. There’s still the epilogue strip to go, but I have a couple of other strips in someone else’s sandbox ready to go first. With any luck, I’ll be able to get them live Tuesday and Thursday next week!

If I’m successful, the next question is: Can I sustain a three-strips-per-week schedule?

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • This one’s been lurking in my sketchbook for a while, way overdue for inking. The onyl thing stopping me from having thsi up weeks ago was procrastinating on the previous strip!

Awesome Stuff I Can’t Wait to Try Again

  • I like the way all the characters here look, even About-To-Go-Psycho Mike. (That sounds like an action figure name…)
  • Research is your friend! The names here come from the Wikipedia entries for the Turkey and Croatia football teams. I know that, as of this writing, those are the current call-ups for the 2016 World Cup and might well change in the meantime. Does this give my alternate world a date? Who knows?

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