Thank You, Tenno.

Holy crap! I uploaded this strip over a week ago but completely forgot to write and schedule the accompanying post!

Yes, this is my second strip in Digital Extremes’ Warframe sandpit. Something fun I discovered a few days ago – the guy I’ve been playing with since I started, whom I thought was Gavin Lucan – isn’t. Completely my own fault; he never claimed he was Gav. I’d added him to my Steam friends list a while ago and forgotten who he actually was, and his user-ID seemed… well, Gav-ish.

Anyway, if you fancy giving Warframe a go, please download it from Steam and come track us down! My user-ID is “SlamDance19” and my friend and I are building a clan we call “Kagaku” – Japanese for “Science.”

Because… er… well, For Science!

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • Make sure I draw a bit more of each character  than I think I’ll need – I never quite know where the frames will go!

Awesome Stuff I Can’t Wait to Try Again

  • Creating a strip based on reader response (if not actual direct requests – that might be in a couple of strips’ time).



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