The Tenno Are Just A Myth

UPDATE 5 May 14: Turns out that Gavin Lucan wasn’t the guy on my Friends list who was playing Warframe already – I just mistook him for Gav! No, that’s not stopped me playing, either Warframe in general or with that guy in particular.

Yep, I’ve been playing Warframe just recently. Although its RPG trappings – loot, levelling, optimising your build – should make it a complex game, I’m enjoying its simplicity. I’d like to make it my way of catching up with gamer mates from whom I’m separated by geography – in fact, I got into it because Gavin “ShoutyBeardyGuy” Lucan was playing it (I think it’s his revenge for me hipping him to Babylon 5 and, maybe, Heavy Gear).

I let the crew over on the Warframe forums know about this early, and it got one heck of a reception! Only problem is, people actually want to see the Batframe. Now there’s an expectation that’s hard to meet…

Because I couldn’t not, here’s my current warframe, an Exaclibur.

Yep, Slamdance colours and all.
Yep, Slamdance colours and all.

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • You might notice that my Tenno has a sword on its back (a Skana) in the above pic. I drew it in during the initial sketch then managed to forget about it completely when I firmed the pencil work up pre-inking!
  • This one was pretty wordy. I don’t think there was much I could do about it – the characters needed to establish the world for readers not familiar with Warframe – but I want to make sure this is one of the few strips where exposition is necessary. Juggling the text positions for the bubbles was a pain…

Awesome Things I Can’t Wait To Try Again

  • I loved getting the Grineer Marine to do the finger-quotes!
  • Although I forgot the sword, I’m glad of how well the rest of the Tenno came out! I’m still a perfectionist, and while I wasn’t as obsessed as I was with the XCOM soldiers, I wanted to make sure the Excalibur was recognisable.




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