You’d Be Surprised Which Skills Transfer

So, yes: Another XCOM: Enemy Unknown strip! This’ll be the last one for a while, unless the DLC – which originally wasn’t going to be Enemy Within, just the two small content packs, until a fan decided to gift it to me – inspires something.

Please note that the author does not condone violence toward or bullying of children, especially your own and most especially not with firearms (let alone military grade ones developed from alien technology). No matter how tempting it may be…

Lessons Learned for Next Time

While I’ll miss writing out what these three are discussing, I won’t miss doing all the detail work on their armour and weapons. I have the perfectionist’s urge to ensure they’re as close as possible to their actual designs (even though I can still make some pretty big errors – like the fact that Alpha’s plasma sniper rifle has a triangular¬†barrel, not an over-under one as I drew it, damn it!), and I’m glad of the Steam screenshot facility which lets me grab images of them in game so that I have reference material handy (even on my Android phone thanks tot he Steam app there).

Actually, check this out: Here’s the Dream Team via Steam.

The Dream Team from my XCOM comics.

Awesome Things I Can’t Wait To Try Again

Again, I decided to forego digital inking (I want to get a sliding shelf for keyboard and mouse on my desk before I start doing such mouse-intensive work). I’ve invested in a couple of Artline pens, although I do quail at the idea of making the sketches permanent in that way. I just need to get comfortable with mistakes…

Another thing I’m doing, thanks to the suggestion of that always-effervescent wakeboard maniac, Cathy Coombs (there’s another strip waiting to be done), is using the Android and desktop app Toggl to track my time. the idea is to get an accurate idea of how much time I’m spending on each stage of the process so I can identify the parts I can streamline.

Problem is, sometimes I forget to start it up and others I forget it’s running when I go and do something else for an hour.




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