More Sort Of Dimensionality

Yet another playdate in Digital Extremes’ Warframe sandpit! I keep seeming to find material here. Which is not saying a thing against the DE crew. They’re a fun bunch of folks doing something they love, which sort of inspires fun in those who dig their work, you see?

If you’re in any way disposed toward video games, check out Episode 27 of Digital Extremes’ Prime Time show; once the gameplay is out of the way, hosts Rebecca (the voice of the Lotus) and Megan (the voice of Valkyr) display the winners of some Fan Art contests, the quality of which puts these comics to shame!

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • I decided to ditch the heavy key-lining after inking the first frame. I think the strip looks better for it.
  • Again, drawing the same thing in more than one frame is a little tricky, but I still prefer re-drawing to trying to trace or copy-paste.

Awesome Stuff I Can’t Wait to Try Again

  • I’m really happy with how the hands came out on this one!
  • Drawing the Louts and the Tenno is fun, especially as the Lotus’ deadpan delivery invites humour! I’ve got a few more ideas in the Warframe pipeline, including the possible unveiling of the Batframe



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