Rescuing People And Then Running Off

I was going through my drawing folder and realised I had two inked Slamdance strips that I hadn’t scanned in yet! This is the first of the two, and I did it a few months before the most recent run.

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • The strip relies on some background that I’ve not established in the strip yet, so there’s a fair bit of telling in The Bitter Pill’s dialogue instead of showing. I could have waited, but I have two problems:
    1. I really struggle with plotting, and
    2. When I struggle (as opposed to just pushing my boundaries), I put the thing I’m struggling off and don’t get back to it for a while. Right now, my aim is to keep producing.
  • You can also see the text is different sizes. It was a choice between unifying the size at 24 point or getting what I wanted, even after trimming down, in there.

Awesome Stuff I Can’t Wait to Try Again

  • Just more Slamdance! Showing an actual rescue in progress is sort of scary; it’ll need a lot of movement and posing that I’ve not had to do already. Still…

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