Never Reveal Your True Identity

Here it is – the first strip in my latest tilt at some plot for Slamdance!

The good bit is, I’ve already drawn the last strip in the sequence, as well as progressing several of the ones in between (plus an epilogue).

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • How to do a dark scene with lighted areas – especially when I started with black lines on white background – had me stumped for a bit. Then I:
    • Duplicated the scanned¬†image (I didn’t bother inking, just grayscaled it to eliminate the colour data) as a new layer.
    • Inverted the colour of the second layer.
    • Added an alpha channel to the second layer.
    • Erased the chunks of the second layer that I wanted to be lit by the lightning, showing the original black-on-white lines through.

Awesome Stuff I Can’t Wait to Try Again

  • The rest of this series –¬†like I wrote above, I have around six more strips to go, plus an epilogue.

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