The Last Three Games Running

I’m not sure that “thanks” is the right word, but it’ll do for now, so thanks to Chris Lohmann and Shantelle ¬†Furzeman for introducing me to the twisted little card game Mao!

A shout-out and a reminder:

Awesome Things I Can’t Wait To Try Again

I tried something different again with this strip. I bought myself two brush-tip pens – an Artline 200 0.4mm and 210 0.6mm – and inked it by hand. I was going to leave it at that once I scanned it in last night, but one thing that bothered me about the two XCOM strips was the final file sizes; the Slamdance one was a couple of hundred kilobytes, but the XCOM ones were over a megabyte each thanks to all the sketching.

On March 16th, an idea came to me: Use GIMP’s colour select tool to cut the inks out of the rest of the sketch and work with those alone. It took some fiddling with the threshold setting – I think I had it at around 35 (I usually take notes as I go but forgot to this time) – but the result came out at 312 kilobytes, so I’m happy with it overall!

Lessons Learned for Next Time

I reckon I’ll stick with pencils and brush pens for the sketching and inking stages – something as advanced as a tablet can definitely wait until either this strip or another sideline endeavour start earning me some money, and even then I can’t take a PC with a connected tablet anywhere!


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