A Very High Flight Risk

I would loved to have used the punchline as the comic strip title, but that’d be wrecking the joke, eh?

Still, it was a fun pun! Makes me wish more people know about Radio Birdman so I could get away with “A Lotus-Steve and Tenno”…

(And sorry to leave you Slamdance fans on a cliffhanger. The next strip does not look good as is so I’m going to put some more work into it.)

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • Work from a sketch, Rob – that’s why the Lotus in frame #2 looks worse than her representation in the other frames. I had a very minimal sketch in place more to mark out the space needed. I decided to just ink it after doing a good job on frame #1, but after seeing the result fo that I did a proper sketch for frame #4.
  • And boy, did that frame #3 not come out anywhere near as awesome – or competent – as it did in my head…
  • Not sure if I like the font being so small – I need to make sure I clear more room at the tops of the panels.

Awesome Stuff I Can’t Wait to Try Again

  • This started in part because I wanted to do a “character looking around a corner with pistol in hand” image. You know, the one you see in movie posters and such all the time? I’m glad I (sort of) pulled it off in frame #1!
  • Getting the hang of doing horizontal style strips.



Hawaii Five-O

Radio Birdman

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