Gotta Be About Somethin

Two weeks of Slamdance in a row! Can I go for a third? Lots of questions to answer. Who is the cameraperson from the strip before? What is the Consortium that Jana works for, and who is this “Mike” she and Fred are referring to? And just what came in through the roof?

While it’s tempting to dive straight in, I’ve got some other Riverstone Road ideas I want to post. So we’ll see…

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • Leave the sound effects until the lettering stage. I tried hand-writing one in so it’d appear around the hole in the roof, but it wound up running into the frame above.
  • If you intend to use the text tool for signs, use it first! I intended to include “No place like home, no car like your own!” under the Land of Oz Customs sign in frame #1 (and “OFFICE” above the door) and, of course, completely forgot!

Awesome Things I Can’t Wait To Try Again

  • I’m happy with frame #2 for two reasons:
    1. This is the first leaning pose I’ve tried, and I managed to pull it off well, I reckon;
    2. This was my first successful attempt at creating Jana Petramayne in pencil. I’d tried some portrait sketches before, but wound up giving up and seeing what came out of my pencil in scene instead.

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