Can’t Get The Couch Upstairs

Yes, I’m looking forward to playing Alien: Isolation. Vickie isn’t looking forward to me playing it, though. I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this, but she absolutely loathes the Alien.

And, yes, I am that lazy about housework.

The “Steam thingy” Vickie refers to in the strip is Steam In-Home Streaming. The idea is that, if you have a high-end gaming PC that runs the client for Steam (an online game store), you can set the Steam client on another computer on the same network and have your high-end PC send all the graphics data to the other one.

Meaning you can run your PC games on your lounge room TV with all the awesome graphics from your gaming beast.

Or just play the scary stuff from behind the couch.

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • The scream was the trickiest part of the strip – I gave up figuring out how to do it myself and searched YouTube for some GIMP text deforming tutorials.

Awesome Stuff I Can’t Wait to Try Again

  • The rest of this series – I’ve got a couple more strips to go…

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