Radio News: August 20th, 2018

So what’s on my plate at the moment?

Face-to-Face Gaming

Getting involved with the Cairns Tabletop Roleplayers group on Facebook again is working out pretty well! A fellow in Babinda (around 20 minutes South of where I live) decided to organise a short Dungeons & Dragons game, ans as I live at the midpoint between him and most of the rest of the gamers in the area, I hosted.

After a couple of re-schedules, four of us got together on Friday and played through the first encounter in the D&D Starter Set; we re-convene this week to explore / raid a cavern!

Online Gaming

Atomic Robo One Shot

The Atomic Robo one-shot I’d been trying to drum up interest for happened a couple of weeks ago! Ten minute character creation wound up taking an hour and we had to cut the final encounter short, but four players had fun working out just why a cruise ship was levitated five hundred metres above the waters of Sydney Heads!

Unfortunately, the mighty Allyson Robinson had to beg off a day beforehand; I’m still hoping to re-organise another one shot with her and some more players.

The Wheels Up In Ten concept has had a bit more refining, and I learned a lot about introducing and detailing antagonist NPCs. I’ll see about some notes for my Patreon backers.

Atomic Robo Campaign

My players and I are reviewing scheduling for the main Atomic Robo game. It got left on a cliffhanger after three sessions, and I’m keen to pick up and conclude the arc, but as much as running the game from 7AM to 11AM on a Saturday was good for not bothering Vickie, I found dragging out of bed at 6AM on a Saturday to GM got a bit much. Also, my UK players were increasingly tired after longer shifts on Fridays.


I have a few irons in the fire at the moment:

My Patreon backers got some notes yesterday on Sophrosyne, a setting I’m working on for the Only in Death campaign / podcast. I feel as though I’m working on the problems that put me off running more Only In Death last time, and I’m hoping my backers will help make a potential return of Only In Death absolutely awesome.

In more Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay news, after getting my friend Samantha Roberts back into RPGs with the D&D one shot on Friday, I’m thinking of getting my mitts on Wrath & Glory; Sam is a big-time Sister of Battle fan and I’d like to give her the opportunity to play one!

I’m still working on articles for Coaching for Geeks, including a short run of Paid to Play episodes chatting with folks who are earning solid money on Patreon through RPG geekery.

So what’re you up to?