Only In Death, Episode 2: A Squig in a Top Hat

Welcome to Part Two of Session -1 of Only In Death! We take the Deathwatch combat rules out for a spin with a rather unorthodox training simulation on board Watch Fortress Erioch!


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Ulisses North America

Our Players: Kill-team Atromitos

Brother Matthias: Scott Doucet

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Brother Avalon: Sim Lauren

Brother Gedeon: Ian Sinclair

Brother Gladius: Rebel Wulf


Thanks always to Luke for the name Only In Death and Doragon Kishu for suggesting “Intrepid” as the Kill-team’s name – which translates into the Greek word, Atromitos!

3 thoughts on “Only In Death, Episode 2: A Squig in a Top Hat

  1. Philip Larkin

    Good work guys!

    What are the chances of getting you to upload these to podbean?

    +++My Rules Lawyering+++
    Being away from my books, I can’t tell you which book I got these from, but –
    Inaccurate: You cannot aim this weapon
    Unreliable: Jams on a 91+. You’ll find in the orks traits that ork weapons with the unreliable trait don’t count as being unreliable.
    Also orks have some resistances to fear and pinning. If you look in the start of their section in the Mark of the Xenos book.

    You can only take 1 action with the attack key word per turn.

    The only other thing I spotted is reactions. Once per round a character may make a dodge test to avoid all the damage from a single blow. If it was a melee attack they can try to parry instead. You can’t dodge or parry hits from a horde.

    • Rob Farquhar

      Hi Philip! Thanks for your feedback. I’ve not been looking too closely at various networks, mainly as I’m concentrating on getting these seven episodes up prior to seeing if we can get the game going in the new year. What makes Podbean attractive to you? Do you use it to manage a podcast yourself?

      Thanks also for the rules notes! We’ll make sure to use them when we convene to play again.

      • Philip Larkin

        Adventure.exe moved to podbean exclusively, and I had to follow (podcasts are a need not a want). There I’ve found absolutly every podcast I listened to before, so now I’m basically get all my audio distractions from there now. As an app I’ve found it very convenient and lightweight.

        Podcasting is on my to-do list for the new year. What I want to do involves quite a lot of work on a regular basis and I want to develop some software to make it easy for myself, so that is a long way off.

        It seems that you fixed a lot of the rules mistakes in episode 3, so I’ll shut up

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