Hear Me as Brann Lateral in Cosmic Crit Extra Episode 2!

As a game master of the Starfinder roleplaying game, I’m keen on hearing how other game masters and players are tackling it. That’s why I started listening to Cosmic Crit: A Starfinder RPG Actual Play Podcast. I keep listening because the Cosmic Crit crew are good damned fun!

On top of that, I’m lucky enough to have contributed to their audio awesomeness for an episode!

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube followers may already know that I recorded a couple of entries for their October Fan Challenge, where they asked fans to come up with advertisements you’d likely hear on Absolom Station, the massive space station at the heart of Starfinder’s science-fantasy setting. They planned to include them in a special episode promoting Extra Life, the charity where gamers raise money for children’s hospitals across the US and Canada.

I created a character, Brann Lateral, inspired by Brian Latrell’s hoverboarding sportsballer in the video clip for The Backstreet Boys’ tune, “Larger Than Life”, and wrote a couple of scripts wherein he spruiks a store for extreme sports goods and an arena event.

Well, the Cosmic Crit Crew accepted AND RAN both my submissions!

Be sure to listen in AND subscribe to the Cosmic Crit podcast on the podcatcher of your choice!

And if you want to see the behind the scenes of the recording session: