The Shameless Challenge: Week 4 Progress Report

It’s been four weeks since I announced that I was returning to the Shameless Challenge that I last attempted in 2015. The aim of the challenge is to blow past fear of external judgement and shame and promote yourself for a full year; throw oneself headlong into the media tools available to all via computer and smartphone nowadays and be myself as much as possible.

My plan was to try it four weeks instead of 365 days, and this week gone was the last. How did things go at the close?


Challenge-wise, this week was not great:


I made an initial effort to keep a running tally of my tweets and Instagram updates on Monday – and had barely touched it by Monday afternoon. I often wound up occupying my lunch breaks with errands and other matters, and was often busy in the morning working on the next episode of Paid to Play.

Regardless of shame, I simply didn’t feel as though I was doing enough to create ten tweets and three IG photos worth of self-promotion.


I did have a list of topics, but didn’t go so well in carving the blogging time out. 0%.


Well, here’s one upside! I recorded not one, not two, but THREE YouTube videos! Well, technically two are unlisted and Patreon backers’ eyes only, but still, I have at least one weekly goal I hit for six!


I have the feeling my shamelessness is coming out more outside of social media. We had a new staff get-to-know-you session at work in each of the past two weeks, and each time I mentioned how RPGs are my hobby (one staff member even told me that she thought Dungeons & Dragons was something they made up for The Big Bang Theory). I’m talking about this geeky thing of mine without being ashamed (although there’s still a little high about being honest about something still seen as odd).

Do I Press On?

I don’t think a full-on, year-long social media blitz is for me. I’m getting out of my shell in my own time and building my pace at my own speed, and while it might not be the fast track to success via social media, it’s my way of proceeding while retaining my sanity.

In the end, I keep coming back to the words of Uncle Keven, the Hollywood Career Coach: “Less think, more do.” I had to think a bit too much about social media instead of letting my natural enthusiasm spill out. I’l just keep doing until I’m doing enough to share a lot.


How did you go all-in on yourself in the last week?

When did you last try something and decide that it wasn’t for you?

Featured image from the website of Shameless Challenge creator, Shameless Maya.