The Shameless Challenge: Week 3 Progress Report

It’s been three weeks since I announced that I was returning to the Shameless Challenge that I last attempted in 2015. The aim of the challenge is to blow past fear of external judgement and shame and promote yourself for a full year; throw oneself headlong into the media tools available to all via computer and smartphone nowadays and be myself as much as possible.

For the moment, I’m doing four weeks instead of 365 days and seeing how I go. Here at seventy-five percent, how are things doing?


Things have settled some after Week 2 but have still been a bit on the busy side. Season 5 of The Paid to Play Podcast has kicked off with the first episode going live last week


Okay, you’d think ten tweets and three Instagram photos a day would be fairly easy. You can even break it down into three lots of three tweets and a photo, plus one extra tweet.

The problem is, what’s the subject matter? Being shameless is all well and good, but a lot of the time it feels like I’m not doing all that much to be shameless about or that’s worthy of promotion. I get up, I do stuff in the morning, I go to work, I see about doing stuff in my lunch break, I work, I come home and hang out with my wife… I dunno. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but the odd bit of RPG development and hanging out with folks on Discord and the odd Twitch live stream doesn’t seem like promotion-worthy material. I feel like I have to promote myself Making Stuff rather than just loafing around.

I dunno. Myabe I just need to ask for help with this social media business. Or maybe being myself on social media involves mostly quietness.

Still, there are always pictuers of me in Vickie’s bright, floppy yard work hat. They seem to do well. (It’s just so comfy…)


Hmph. One blog post in the week gone and this update a day late. 25%.


This week I didn’t need to post another YouTube video.


Well, I will say this. I’ve been looking at the list of things I want to e dong this week, and I finally talked with Vickie about them. I’m discovering that fear of going all-in on the stuff I love doing. It means I really need to manage my time to ensure I’m doing everything else that needs doing as well.


As above, I’m still struggling with an angle out that’ll power more shamelessness on social media, or at least disregard whatever’s holding me back. And making sure I make the time to pop an update or two up.

Re. blogging, I still have a couple of carry-over topics

  • Demystifying more of the lingo from Heroes of the Storm
  • Drilling down further into some of the ways of providing value as a GM in the Tropics
  • Talking a little more about this “GMpreneur” idea that’s knocking around in my head at the moment
  • Facing moving out of pre-generated adventures and into… making my own scenarios up… (There’s a story in there about one of my previous games that I think needs telling.)

YouTube wise, have the re-recording of the thank-you video for Patreon backers and, if my planned changes to the podcast go ahead, I’ll need to re-record the “please back the show” video as well.


How did you go all-in on yourself in the last week?

What would you like to see me do more of during this coming week’s Shameless Challenge?

Featured image from the website of Shameless Challenge creator, Shameless Maya.