The Shameless Challenge: Week 2 Progress Report

It’s been two weeks since I announced that I was returning to the Shameless Challenge that I last attempted in 2015. The aim of the challenge is to blow past fear of external judgement and shame and promote yourself for a full year; throw oneself headlong into the media tools available to all via computer and smartphone nowadays and be myself as much as possible.

For the moment, I’m doing four weeks instead of 365 days and seeing how I go. How are things looking from the halfway point?


This week presented my wife Vickie and I with a few more life challenges. We had to call the ambulance for her on Tuesday evening and the hospital finally let her out on Friday, so the weekend was making sure she was okay and catching up on other priorities.


Naturally, ten tweets and three Instagram posts was particularly challenging this week. I’m pretty sure I managed to touch in every day but Instagram tended to suffer the most. Snapchat didn’t even get touched.


Not counting the day-late posting of the Week 1 review, I managed to get four posts (including this one) written and posted!


Coming into the weekend, I realised that I needed to get one YouTube video that was right up the self-promotion alley done; a new welcome video for The Paid to Play Podcast’s Patreon page.

How Much more shameless Am I?

That’s a good question. Today, I kept putting off telling Vickie that I wanted to make sure I hit my weekly goal of four blog posts and the fortnightly YouTube video goal. I guess I was ashamed about putting weekend time in on the Podcast and the whole Challenge.

And, yeah, I do worry a bit about how going in on social media is going to look to others.

THIS COMING WEEK’s Shamelessness

I still need to work an angle out that’ll power more shamelessness on social media, or at least disregard whatever’s holding me back. (Maybe it’s like writing; I just need to write without worrying whether it’s quality yet.)

I reckon I can keep the blogging pace up, though; I had the following topic ideas for the coming week:

  • Demystifying more of the lingo from Heroes of the Storm
  • Drilling down further into some of the ways of providing value as a GM in the Tropics
  • Too Many Opportunities: managing the increasing options for playing and GMing

YouTube wise, I don’t need to have another video ready for a couple of weeks, but I know I want to re-record the thank-you video for Patreon backers. Maybe in the meantime I’ll have some more ideas!

What about you?

How did you go all-in on yourself in the last week?

What would you like to see me do more of during this coming week’s Shameless Challenge?

Featured image from the website of Shameless Challenge creator, Shameless Maya.