The Shameless Challenge: Week 1 Progress Report

Last week, i announced that I was returning to the Shameless Challenge that I last attempted in 2015. The aim of the challenge is to blow past fear of external judgement and shame and promote yourself for a full year; throw oneself headlong into the media tools available to all via computer and smartphone nowadays and be myself as much as possible.

For the moment, I’m doing four weeks instead of 365 days and seeing how I go. So how am I going, one week in?

Update Review

Social Media

I’m glad to report that I kept up a daily posting routine; discovering Hyper RPG’s “30 Days of RPGs” challenge certainly helped. Per last week’s posting I didn’t keep a count, which I think might have hurt all up. I might try it this week and also adopt ten Twitter and three Instagram per the parameters of the original challenge.

“Document what you do” can be a little tricky when a lot of “doing” in RPGs involves study and brainstorming. I guess that puts the challenge into the Shameless Challenge!


This one I slipped up on a bit. I managed to get three blog posts done, but between housework and heat, this posting didn’t quite get out of the drafting stage! Going back to my series on Heroes of the Storm helped me when I was stuck, and tapping some memories of my kidhood in order to help get clear on what I’ve always done was a great exercise.

I reckon I can keep this pace up; topic ideas for the coming week include:

  • My prep work for Session 4 of my Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game campaign this Saturday.
  • A look at some of the folks who are now where I’d like to be Proofs of Concept: Game Masters Paid to Play
  • Demystifying more of the lingo from Heroes of the Storm
  • Too Many Opportunities: managing the increasing options for playing and GMing

YouTube Video

According to the schedule I need to be putting a new video up to YouTube this coming week. I could do a general status update or an opinion piece, but something in me wants to do something different from the usual YouTube editorial. I’ve thought about reading a couple of scripts, but that feels like it deserves costumes, memorisation and a green screen.


Updating social media is all well, and good, but the idea of the Shameless Challenge is to promote oneself – advertise what I’m good at. Have I done enough Game Mastering Shamelessly in the last week?

That said, it is good to know that I can generate something for you folks on a regular basis. I have the feeling this is more about getting in the habit and rhythm of regular updates so that refining good content is easier.

This Coming Week

… is going to be interesting. I’m aiming to complete edits on the first episode of The Paid to Play Podcast for Season 5/2017 as well as record another chat, do some prep-work for this Saturday’s Star Wars session and make further progress on my document on recording and editing a chat podcast. Definitely plenty to be going on with and documenting on social media!

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