Happy New Year 2017!

It is very tempting to talk about plans and resolutions this time of year. I want to avoid both here:

  • It’s a documented phenomenon that sharing plans before carrying them out gives you the dopamine hit that you ought to be saving for completing the small steps along the way, and as you’re already feeling good before you start, you don’t bother starting.
  • Which is probably why everyone talks big about resolutions.

Instead, I’ll talk about what I’ve already accomplished (web site wise, anyway).

Between the incident in September that lost me my site content (and last redesign) as far back as January a sense of not being sure how to turn my various interests into incomes, things have been a little quiet on RobF.com.au.

Thankfully, as you’ve already read, I realised the unifying theme my efforts were all missing. Then, last week, I was spurred by a sudden burst of enthusiasm to re-apply the theme I’d used in the last update, recreate one product page, create two more and do the skeleton for a fourth, THEN delete my old blog post categories and update almost four hundred posts with the new categories.

I’ll let you fine folks discern my (ahem) thrust for 2017 from that, although the main goal, if any, is to overcome the anxiety that’s caused me to walk away from more challenges, great and small, than I’d like to admit. I’m glad that I have a public framework for those works, now.

So, folks, may 2017 bring you the means with which you can (finally) dismantle the obstacles between you and sanity, self-belief and success. Hope for the best, prepare for the likely and make contingency plans for the worst – and even the best, which could also cripple you if you’re not a little ready for it.

And for now, enjoy your new year festivities, as active or relaxed as they may be!