Daily Glad: Mates In Town

This feels like a bit of a selfish glad, especially as, what with me needing the car for the work commute, Vickie is pretty much housebound during the week. (I’d say visits welcome, except Vickie hates welcoming guests to a house that’s not up to her standard for visits.)

But I am glad and lucky to be welcomed into at least two places in town during my lunch break and to consider the owner / operators good mates.

I do sometimes feel guilty about that too – they’re places of business, for crying out loud; hanging out is for after hours!

Now all I need is some folks willing to take Vickie out for a trip or two during the week – or even weekend…

This is my latest post in a daily effort to improve my overall sense of self-worth and self-belief, and to treat my allergy to hard work, by blogging about one thing I’m glad to have experienced and / or done on the day before.