Daily Glad: Codex: Tau

I’m glad that me old mate Gav back in Sydney sent me a copy of Codex: Tau for Warhammer 40,000 a few years back, when I was last preparing to run a Deathwatch campaign for him and some friends across the Internet. It’s come in handy for coming up with names of the Tau characters I’m working into the current campaign I’m working on.

I’m just sorry that I had one of the bouts of doubt that I usually have when I’m planning / running an RPG, which brought that Deathwatch game to a premature end. I still feel like I owe Gav a decent game…

This is my latest post in a daily effort to improve my overall sense of self-worth and self-belief, and to treat my allergy to hard work, by blogging about one thing I’m glad to have experienced and / or done on the day before.