Daily Glad: From Stardust We Come

I’m glad I get to live my life in a time that has David Bowie’s music in it.

And I’m glad I to live my life in a time when I didn’t know what the answer to “What’s he doing next?” was.

Then again, maybe I still don’t. And maybe that’s something to be glad of, too.

To stardust we return…

Here’s something I put up on Facebook yesterday: Some folks find our differences in age hard to understand. But one of the fantastic things about being married to Vickie? Star Wars, Star Trek, Steely Dan, David Bowie – she was there at the beginning of a lot of the stuff I enjoy.

This is my latest post in a daily effort to improve my overall sense of self-worth and self-belief, and to treat my allergy to hard work, by blogging about one thing I’m glad to have experienced and / or done on the day before.