Daily Glad: Justin Hodges, The Man Coach

I’m glad to not just know, but also be good mates with people who are finding and making their own way in life. I was lucky enough to cross paths with Justin Hodges in my job at the newspaper, and Vickie and I got to know him, his roller derby badass wife Larn and their two youngsters over the years since. He hit a personal rock bottom last year but used it as a revelatory experience; he’s set up a sideline business called The Man Coach, which is all about providing other men the kind of support he needed when things were going downhill.

Yesterday, I got to spend a couple of hours with Justin, talking about where I want to go, not just in 2016 but in the rest of my life. I’ve always struggled with this sort of stuff before but it really helped to do it in the company of someone who’s applying it themselves (I’ve found that Facebook groups and other virtual spaces just don’t quite work for me, especially when everyone’s in another time zone).

One thing he helped me realise? I haven’t been truly celebrating my achievements. So once I finish this post, and once I take the notes I made and enter them into the worksheet he sent me through, and once I get anything else done, I’m going to do a quick, wave my arms above my head happy-dance. It really does work!

(And, yes, we’re talking about getting him on the Podcast soon.)

This is my latest post in a daily effort to improve my overall sense of self-worth and self-belief, and to treat my allergy to hard work, by blogging about one thing I’m glad to have experienced and / or done on a given day.