The TROPICON Project: Locker Inventory

When did I last post about my plan to cosplay Central Officer Bradford from XCOM: Enemy Unknown / Within when I go to Tropicon in July?

Just under a month ago. Classy.

Right. So. As I mentioned in the first post, Bradford is an easy outfit to put together. Most of the stuff, I already have:

2015-04-11 22.11.22

I put a couple of different pairs of pants there, as I thought the grey might work, but while I don’t know whether MiB black is character-accurate, it sort of fits the secret alien-hunting organisation theme. I was a little worried about the black tie, in all honesty, but I have one. I’m not worried about a tie clip as all you see above Bradford’s jumper collar is the knot. (Thankfully, I still remember how to do one of those.)

That means all I need to do is buy a badge and a (small size) green commando jumper (plus some new laces for the shoes). And I have around two months to put the readies for those together. An XCOM fabric badge seems to go for around $15US plus shipping, andĀ SciFiGeeks sell ones with velcro backing, so actually having to sew one on may be optional. I still need to do some homework on the jumper, including whether there are (still) any army disposal places in Cairns.

2015-04-11 22.18.45

Oh, and as they seem standard for cosplay-related posts, here’s the in-the-mirror progress shot.

Hmm. The pants are a little baggy, but that’s probably not a big deal. The hair could also use a little (okay, a lot of) work, but we already budget for haircuts, so that shouldn’t be a big deal.

What are you doing?

What was your first cosplay?

How much of it did you already have?

What was the biggest challenge in finding / making the items you didn’t have?