I’m Hosting Tropicon!

After campaigning for the last couple of years for national pop culture convention Supanova to set a tropical version up in Cairns – and given that Cairns is a tourist city some good two thousand kilometres from the nearest state capital, that’s no small ask – Charlie Kennell, the man behind Luigi’s Video Games (a game and hobby trading store), decided that if he wanted it done, he was going to jolly well do it himself.

Thus, in August last year, Charlie announced Tropicon, Cairns’ own fan-organised convention of all things pop and geek culture. It’s on at the Cairns Police Citizens Youth Club on July the 11th, this year. Charlie already has several guests from the realms of comic books and cosplay, and he’s still looking for more.

Figuring the fact of Tropicon being on my birthday is some sort of sign, I decided to buy a ticket as part of Charlie’s IndieGoGo crowdfunding drive. Not long ago, shortly after meeting Charlie to trade some old comic books of mine for an Xbox 360 S, I got him in touch with a friend with some contact in the entertainment industry who might be able to help him get more guests.

Then, a couple of days ago, the following turns up in my Facebook PMs:

Hey Mr Farquhar, there has been a position at Tropicon i have not yet filled and after careful consideration i think you may be the perfect candidate, how would you like to be the voice of Tropicon on the day, ‘The Host’ ?

Wow! I’ve got to admit my first instinct wasn’t “No!” Sure, I started thinking about excuses, but only quarter heartedly. I mean, heck, I love the sound of my own voice, I love being the centre of attention and I even love giving the centre of attention to others.

And as long as I don’t have to wear contact lenses that put silver rims around my pupils, I’ll be as happy as Larry!

So in case you somehow missed me splashing the news all over my various social media presences: I’m going to be the MC / host of Tropicon! Book your plane ticket, plan a road trip, do whatever you have to do, just be there!