New on Monday: Writing and Chatting

I completely forgot to mention the New Stuff that went up in other places than here on Monday! Let me correct that now:

For starters, I penned another Reader QUIT for Cordelia of the Calling It Quits fame. This one’s about quitting The Chase – those pursuits, big or small, we sometimes find ourselves on when we start comparing where we are now to some imagined or imposed ideal. It’s harder to quit than I thought, simply because there are all sorts of small things one can be chasing. But the relaxation when you get some measure of peace from chasing is fantastic.

It’s kind of to the point right now; you may have noticed that I haven’t kept to the daily tweets / weekly blogs schedule of the Shameless Challenge. Burnt out too quickly on that, especially when trying to do three comic strips per week.

For seconds, I finally put the chat I recorded with sex therapist Isiah McKimmie back in July 2013 for the Paid to Play Podcast up on Monday as well! Although Isiah has relocated to Sydney in the meantime, there’s still a lot of good stuff about not letting location prevent you from starting a business that matters to you.