Getting Out vs. Giving In, pt. 1

I’ve read a lot of advice about pursuing your dreams in my time, and one piece of advice I’ve often read is: Do the things you can’t not do.

The problem is, I’ve spent a whole heap of my life not doing things. Procrastinating, making excuses, finding distractions, going off on tangents and whims.

That could mean that I just haven’t found what I can’t not do yet. That I need to keep looking.

But it could mean, though, that I’ve grown accustomed to giving in? And if I have, how do I tell the difference between something I don’t care for and my habits taking me away from The Real Thing?

Today (Thursday, July 24th, 2014) I listened to the latest episode of Yaro Starak’s Entrepreneur’s Journey podcast.

I’ve been though a few business podcasts before, but I get the feeling I’ll stick with Yaro’s. I like not just the focus on the basics of starting a business but also Yaro’s manner. He’s promoting his own services and courses, sure, but I sense that he really wants to talk with his guests about their businesses as passions and how they achieved their successes, not just How His Courses Worked For Them.

This particular chat with ADHD coach Tom Menditto had me scribbling notes every few minutes:

Sell a System – don’t sell the course, sell the result. Sell the you at the end. (What do I want people to be at the end?)

Business owners don’t see the value they give: Changing a life is priceless

Find Where I Fit

Believe in people!

It touched on more than just Tom’s business. He talked about his own struggles with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and how he turned his own path to coming to grips with the condition into a thriving business helping others with ADHD.

Once again, toward the end, Tom came out with that same piece of advice I’d heard and read in Scott Dinsmore’s materials:

You can’t live the rest of your life not doing that thing.

I started thinking about the things I wasn’t doing – and realised that I knew the difference between not doing something truly good for me and walking away from something that I ultimately didn’t care about.

It’s the difference between Getting Out and Giving In.

In the next post:

I talk about the recent event that helped me realise that difference, and it’s an example of Getting Out.

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