Long Weekends and Priorities

“You know what you’ve gotta do this weekend right?” Vickie asks.

I start generating a list in my head:

  • Whipper-snip the lawn edges.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Take the huge pile of green waste to the tip.
  • Call Karl about borrowing his ute.
  • Put the new rego stickers on the car and the Foxy Lady.
  • Cut up the downed bits of tree.
  • Tidy the kitchen.
  • Sweep and dust through.
  • Digitise and letter some more comic strips (the queue is currently empty).
  • Write some more of the ebook.
  • Fix Ziggy’s collar.
  • Fix some fence palings.

It’s the Easter Long weekend, so the lot of this is certainly do-able.

“What?” I say.

“Fix your Xbox 360,” she replies.

Not only had I completely forgotten about that, I was not expecting Vickie to say it.

My Xbox 360, a second-hand 125GB Elite I bought from the (sadly now closed) GAME store in Cairns Central, has been sort-of on the blink for a few months now. Whenever I start it up, it demands a system update, and seems to work fine until I try running a graphics-intensive game, at which point it announces that some required system resources are unavailable.

We have the sneaking suspicion that, due to its position in the entertainment unit, it’s inhaled a little too much dog hair during its working life. I’ve been intending to open it up and clean it out for a few weeks; I even borrowed a Torx tool from Karl so I could open it up properly. Cyclones and other events got in the way, but added to that was the fact that I’d not been using it much lately.

Which begs the question: Why try and fix it now?

  1. It’s a challenge. I want to see if I can fix the thing instead of waiting until I can replace it (which is a ways off no matter what).
  2. Well… I wouldn’t mind getting my mitts on a copy of Titanfall so I can hang out with old mates like Franki and newer ones like Alex (and enjoy some stompy, shooty, giant robot action, of course).

So wish me luck?

What are you doing?

What’re your plans for the Easter Long Weekend?

When did someone surprise you with a suggestion for something to do?