On Fear

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the latest interview for the Paid to Play Podcast, a very solid chat with a very solid cat named Deji Adiatu.

The thing is, I actually interviewed Deji back in July of 2013. Eight months ago.

Even though I’ve got another interview in the can (possibly yet another if I can get to the one in my non-functioning PC), I’ve taken this long to actually get back to the podcast. Why?

I’m afraid.

I’m starting to realise just mow much plain fear, in the guise of rationalisations and other such sound-seeming excuses, has stopped me from just plain keeping on with trying new and different things.

In order to really start gaining momentum, I think I need to be straight up about just what I’m afraid of. Make an inventory of my fears so that I can recognise them for what they are when they don their smart, sharp excuse suits and come bustling out of the back of my brain to tell me why staying right smack in my comfort zone is the right and responsible thing.

And rather than write about it, I want to use my actual voice.

So here it is:

On Fear

The Paid To Play Podcast: Audiolog Episode 2

What are you doing?

What are you ‪afraid‬ of?

When have you let your ‪‎fear‬ stop you from doing something worthwhile?

How have you overcome the fears in your life?