Reader QUIT on Cordelia Calls It Quits: Writing a Novel

Another warm welcome to new and returning readers from the fabulous life-ownership web log, Cordelia Calls It Quits! Did you know I interviewed Kelly Gurnett for my Internet radio show back in the day? I’ll have to do a follow up now that she’s running her own work show as a full-time freelancer.

Anyway, please take a look around and comment on what you dig!

And to my regular readers and those who’ve come in from elsewhere: The ever-gracious and always awesome Kelly Gurnett has hosted an article I wrote on why the things we think are Our Thing can sometimes be red herrings:

Reader Quit: Writing a Novel (by Rob Farquhar)

Please read, and let us know about your own efforts to discover your thing! Note: I’ve disabled comments on this post, so please make sure you pen any replies in the Cordelia comments thread.

Oh, and Kelly is always looking for more Reader QUITs, so if there’s something in your life that’s not serving you and you want to be rid of it – or you’ve already rid yourself of it and you can explain just how you did so – be sure to get in touch!

Image: Drew Coffman on Flickr