Monthly Review: February 2014

Whoa! Thank you for the reminder, Jessica.

On a co-blogger’s recommendation I ventured onto Jessica Lawlor’s web log and found as her current most recent post a review of February. I reckoned I’d better get my bum into gear and keep the momentum going on my own monthly reviews, so (once again) with thanks to Nicole Antoinette and her web log, A Life Less Bullshit, (pack it up, pack it in,) let me begin:

Thinking back over the month of February, and looking ahead to March, I am…

proud of:

  • Giving web-comicry a go again. A direct follow on from last month’s picking-up-of-a-pencil proudness, I got to work on creating a web comic of my own and managed to get sketches done for several strips – as of this writing, I have two strips uploaded and pending my weekly release schedule!

glad I have lots of:

  • The love of my wife. Once again, Vickie showed me just how much she knows me better than I know myself. I realised her advice, given moths and even years ago, that maybe I’m not a novelist and that I ought to keep Slamdance simple proved right on both counts!

letting go of:

  • Writing a novel. I’ll have more on this in an upcoming blog post!
  • Accountabili-buddy sessions with Cathy Coombs. We’ve both found some peace in our creative / active lives and are pressing ahead on our endeavours without the need to hold each other to account; on top of that, we’re finding that we can put that hour on a Tuesday evening toward other things!

obsessed with:

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This bad boy dragged my attention away from drawing and writing webcomic scripts for a week and a half. But after years of FPS action it’s nice to play a game that’s literally my speed!
  • Fiddling with my web site. With contemplating webcomicry, I wanted to give it proper due here on the Society instead of setting up another site. Thankfully, I found the ComicPress theme a few days ago which has let me depoly my twelve-year-old Fraser Road strip at the top of the page and get a schedule set up for the next two – now I want to get the overall look likking less cluttered and maybe try using the theme of the Society for Doing Things to help organise my menu bar and categories!

excited about:

  • Making more comics. Sod goals; I’m just looking forward to my creativity doing its own thing and its own time! I’m jotting down comic ideas as they come and the creative struggle to turn an idea into four panels of story feels challenging without being overwhelming!

committing to:

  • Not committing. This moth I want to give myself the space to pursue what comes naturally rather than intimidate myself into achieving some arbitrary goal.

Oh, all right, fine. How many Mondays are there in March?

  • Posting five new web comic strips. My release schedule is Monday at 6PM local time, so my local readers will have one for when they get home from work (assuming they’re nine-to-fivers) and my US readers can have something when they wake up (or earlier if they’re night-owls).

What things are you doing?

Thinking back over the month of February, and looking ahead to March, what are you…

  • proud of?
  • glad you have lots of?
  • letting go of?
  • obsessed with?
  • excited about?
  • committing to?


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A Life Less Bullshit

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Review: February 2014

  1. Jessica Lawlor

    Ohhhh! I love that you’re committing to not committing! That’s a great one.

    Thank you SO much for the kind words- best of luck with your goals this month!

    • Rob F.

      You’re welcome, Jessica, and thanks for popping in! I thought I might have done myself out of the not-committing stakes with the web log, but I’m seven days into march and I’ve already finished strip #4, with #5 in the sketching stage!

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