Things Done This Week: January 3rd, 2014

Not a bad place to sit and think about the week gone by, eh?

So here’s something new: Post up choice excerpts from my Journal of Small Wins as some proof that I am actually walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

New Things:

  • Sent a message to Mick at the Wicked Goblin re. organising a date / time for a game of Infinity (Monday). (Yes, he replied; I didn’t act on it any further, though.)

Scary Things:

  • Introduced myself to Nathan next door. (Monday)
  • Asked the next door neighbours for help in moving Vickie’s new desk from the car to the front room. (Tuesday)

Exhausting Things:

  • Started exercising daily (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) – getting better at push-ups and ab bicycles (topping out at 60 each side of the latter and around 20 of the former)

Creative Things:

  • Started twenty-minute-per-day writing / journaling routine (Thursday, Friday) – I tend to break this into two ten-minute stretches.
  • Twenty-minute sketch session plus attempt at hand-drawn Bitstrip-style comic (Friday).
  • Meditated for five minutes (Friday).

Organising Things:

  • Fixed fallen fence palings (Monday).
  • Started decluttering of front room (Wednesday).
  • Emptied back pond (Friday).

Fun Things:

  • Watched Rage on New Year’s Day morning with Vickie (Wednesday) – got to introduce her to The Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic.”

Things Learned:

  • Doing things in small chunks is good; it’s easier to do something for its own sake, without a particular goal in mind, in small chunks than it is to dedicate a big chunk of time (i.e. an hour) to it. I’ll go into a bit more depth in the next blog post.
  • Things involving people are usually very scary until you do them, then you’ll wonder why you were scaring yourself.
  • You can plan all you like but sometimes external forces will get the better of you. I was thinking of taking Vickie out to see a movie and we wanted to do more cleaning and tidying around the house, but the oppressive heat beat us down (it’s been around 40 degrees Celsius for most of the week); it was too hot to do anything intensive (like repaint some walls or re-weed the vege bed) and too hot to stow the dogs away either inside or outside (not to mention re-arranging the internal furniture so Sookie couldn’t chew it up any more) so we could go out.

What about you?

What things did you do this week?

What were your wins, big or small?