Who says cosplay has no practical uses?

At work last week:

TO: Sales Reps
FROM: Sales Partner Manager
CC: Rob
RE: Late Space as of This Week

Hi, guys. Just a follow on from Friday’s rules around late space.

Due to the high volume of late copy submissions, sales partners will now only accept late space bookings if the ad production method is “Straight Repeat” or “Complete from Client”.


TO: Sales Reps
CC: Sales Partner Manager
RE: Re. Late Space as of This Week

Or else:

Rob the Groomsman with Sword

You do not want this guy back late with you on a Friday.

Just sayin’.


The annoying thing is, the folks at the office now want me to wear this into work next Casual Friday…

Mad props to my good, dear friend Gav(ibaldi), for whose wedding I was best man, for the sword and the Viking costume, as well as my man the Cazman for loaning me the digital camera with which the above shot was taken.

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