The Little Book of Contentment (audio): Episode 1

I’d like to offer you a taste of peace today.

You may already know that I’m a fan of Zen Habits, a blog about slowly making your life more peaceful, one new habit at a time.

Not long ago, Zen Habits’ writer, Leo Babauta, published an eBook on his site called, The Little Book of Contentment. It’s a fantastic guide to finding the reasons for discontent in your life – and we all have them; those closest to me can attest that I’m a restless soul at the best of times and downright panicky at the worst – and taking small but steady steps to replacing your unease with peace, discontent with contentment. Not to mention inaction with action.

Below, you’ll find a recording I made of the first few chapters of The Little Book of Contentment. I intend to release another recording each week until I’ve completed the book.

Like the original text form, this is best digested when you have the chance to sit and listen without distractions. This may seem odd, given that conventional wisdom holds that audiobook listeners are often out and about – but I’m sure there are folks out there who prefer to absorb through their ears instead of their eyes.

And if you know someone who is print-handicapped and wants more peace in his or her life, why not download this for them?

NOTE: Unlike the rest of this web log, the above file is uncopyrighted. Please feel free to do as you will with the file and its content.

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Featured image by Unnar Ymir Bjornsson.