The Tyranny of Explanations

Blogging is about writing. Sharing your perspective on the world, your progress through it.

Yet there seems to be a line between sharing your perspective and explaining it, trying to justify it.

It’s this line between “here’s what I experience” and “here’s why I’m right in what I think about it.”

I keep fighting this urge to explain my recent pair of video logs over YouTube. It’s an experiment with a different form of media. It’s playing with new kit, learning how it works.

Yet, I feel as though trying to write more about it defeats what I’m trying to do, which is say something. And say it as clerly and simply as possible.

Explaining it feels more like trying to justify its worth, assuage some sort of fear of ridicule.

And maybe, in the end, what I’m trying to do with it isn’t what I’m actually doing with it.

In the end, it’s you people, the folks who read this post, who watch my video logs, who will find your own meaning, your own value, in anythign I’m doing.

Ideally, rather than tell you what that value ought to be, I’ll be able to find something in common with what you’ve found in it, even change what I’m doing to help you better.

So, in the meantime – I’ll just keep going.

Are you non-plussed?

What have you done that you felt people didn’t get? How did you try to explain it?