I Wish I’d Written This! – Links of the Week, Feb 2nd, 2013

I know a few folks who do a whip-around of the blog articles they love every week. If I were a more thorough blog reader, I’d be doing the same.

But just this morning, I was struck with the sudden urge to share some stuff that went live on the Interwebs this week. These three links cover changing your life on the macro scale, changing your life on the micro scale… and hanging out with your friends telling silly stories.

Read on and enjoy!

First is an article on The Brazen Careerist, and it’s – well, I’ll let the headline sum it up:

The Ultimate Secret to Discovering Your Passion

We start by being curious. From a young age, we’re drawn towards the things that we’re curious about, and as we get older, we’re expected to hone in on one that particularly appeals to us.

This is where most of us get stuck, because we’re afraid to pick something “wrong.” But remember what Newport said: “There is no special passion waiting for you to discover.” In other words, there isn’t a “wrong” choice because there isn’t a “right” choice, either. Pick an interest and roll with it.

Figuring out Just What I Want To Do With My Life is something I struggle with; you’ll note that Dream Novel remains un-first-drafted and a recent attempt to use a planning guide for goals and strategies for 2013 made me want to throw it across the room after three unsuccessful tries.

This simple article manages to boil the realities of Finding and Doing What You Love into a simple formula. It’s reminiscent of Scott Dinsmore’s own formula for success in his TED talk, but the plainer, less hyperbolic speaking of it might suit you to your boots.

The trick I’ve yet to apply, I think, is the social engagement one. I hope to turn that around this year!


Sticking to a Habit: The Definitive Guide

Although Leo Babauta often writes about how to change your life slowly by adding routine, this particular post on Zen Habits came at a good time. I’ve got two morning habits on the go: A ladder of chin-ups (pretty darn successful) and fifty minutes of writing time every morning (less so). For the latter, I’m working on the accountability part.

Finally, as tabletop roleplaying games are swinging back into my life again – the Cairns Tabletop Roleplayers group on Facebook has been steadily gaining members over the last month and Mal and Amy at KerSplatt! are organising a hobbyist meet-and-greet at the store soon, this also showed up at the right time:

It might be over half an hour, but if you’ve ever wondered what the odd hobby I’ve been into for a while is really about, this will make you split your sides!

Are you curious?

What’s something that you’ve read / seen in the blogo / tubeosphere in the last week that you reckon sums up something about you right now?