Welcome, Readers of the 4868 Report!


Um, I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but not only wasn’t I expecting you, but I’m also a little word-less right now!

See, when Vickie turned to me and showed me Rob Pyne’s link on Facebook to his posting about this very web log (my wife and I have side-by-side computers, you see)… well, I was quite surprised!

(Oh, yeah. Pleasantly surprised. Very much so!)

I mean, you follow Rob, you know what his quality is. You read his blogs about what’s happening in the White Rock / Bentley Park area and the greater Cairns region, the community events, the important issues. You know about the stands he’s taken on the things he’s behind or against.

So when he “apologise(s) for not having discovered the Blog of Living Curiously by Rob Farquhar earlier” and states that he finds my postings “… intelligent, insightful and certainly worth bookmarking!” – bloody heck. That’s, you know, setting some big expectations.

I think I’m getting stage fright!

You know what’s worse?

The place is such a mess!

When was the last time I updated my “About” page? Why the heck haven’t I put that “Podcasts” tab up like I’ve been meaning to?! I’m gonna have to start with the Woodward and Bernstein quality journalism now, or else you’re all gonna wonder what Rob was thnking sending you here!

Damn it. I’m going to have to call Gavin King and tell him to threaten the life of Paul Cockrem… Yeah, I know. I can’t see it happening either.

Or maybe call Paul and have him threaten the life of Joe Blake. Yeah. That’s a lot more plausible. I’m sure Paul was just warming up for his bid to be the next Taipans mascot when Joe decided to come out of retirement.

That’s hard hitting stuff right there! ‘Scuse me, folks, let me just make a few phone ca-

Oh, wait: The novel!

Oh, no. Oh, God, the novel.

Damn it, Rob! Stop feeding my ego!

Here I was earlier today, thinking, “I’m gonna write me some Aliens / Transformers mashup fan fiction for this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge and blog what I write after I write it, because you know what? I wanna get me some of the silly fun back in my writing.”

But now you’re all here, and you’ve seen the SlamDance page (because Rob just had to link straight to it, didn’t he?) and you’re gonna wanna know how the former anime fan fiction with the serial numbers filed off is going, aren’t you?

I should have known NaNoWriMo was a bad idea this year…


Is it too late to sue Rob for public defamation of character? It seems to be the rage these days. All that “intelligent and insightful” stuff is setting the bar too damned high!

But anyway, welcome, folks. I’m glad you’re here!

Just push stuff out of the way and find yourselves a clear place to sit doWAIT not there. Um… That’s, um, there was a thing with the, look, just sit over here, okay? Trust me.

So… How can I entertain you all today?

Are you keen?

What’s one of the nicest things someone’s ever said about you?

What do you blog about? If you don’t, what would you if you did? Go crazy!