NaNoWriMo 2012: Oh, all right. I give in.

From the new blog’s about page:

I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo, the annual (inter)National Novel Writing Month, for two years running, and am currently undertaking my third tilt. This blog is my way of keeping myself writing, but not in an attempt to keep myself accountable.

Instead, it’s a way to keep myself having fun.

One of the suckiest things about writing is that most of the time, you need to keep it to yourself until such time as you’ve redrafted, revised and edited your text within an inch of its life. Which is what you should do if and when you’re serious about getting a work published or making sure your work has the best odds of conveying a message you need it to convey.

But sometimes – well, damn it, you just want to glorify in the pleasure of sitting at a keyboard and making the clackety noise. And sometimes it’s fun to share that pleasure around, in part to encourage others to give this writing gig a whirl, and in part to… well, just have fun!

So please read and enjoy. I’ll do my best to clear any typos up before posting, but anything more complex, like errors of grammar, continuity or character will fall by the wayside.

And also, please comment! Ask questions, kibbitz, gossip! Let me know how you’re going with NaNo this year, how you did in previous years.

And overall, have fun!

Anyone else in?